October 18, 2018

3 Tips on Outdoor Furniture Protection

Winter is closing in and one of the main requests we get on a daily basis has to do with the protection of outdoor furniture from rain, wind and dusT. Here are 3 ways you can easily protect your furniture.

TIP 1:

If storage room is not available the best option is to make a cover that is made of PVC material to withstand any kinds of weather conditions. In our stores we provide made to measure PVC covers to protect your outdoor furniture and are made locally to make sure they are fitted exactly on your furniture.

TIP 2:

The second tip we strongly reccomend is to clean your garden furniture regularly in order to avoid dust and other unwanted elements remaining on them. Besides normal water we advice on cleaning your patio furniture with soaby water.

TIP 3: 

Buy outdoor furniture that need the least maintenance possible e.g polypropelene resin, teak wood, grade A non-rust aluminium and above all, buy furniture that is treated with UV ressistant materials. (protection from the rays of the sun). 

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